Products That Keep Wrestlers Protected Against Skin Infection

The occurrence of skin infections is most common in athletes and especially high for wrestlers. This is because the skin-to-skin contact for wrestlers is more as they grapple bout after bout. The skin infections issues have in fact raised serious concern about following strict hygiene practices among athletes. However, following strict hygiene practices can’t vouchsafe complete safety for wrestlers as one can never sure about their opponents. Therefore solution lies in prevention and using efficient products that offer complete protection against skin infection.

Infection control productsDefense Soap is a strong protection that nips skin infection right from the very start. It is a leading name offering products that have natural ingredient base, are convenient to use and fight disease efficiently. Foremost, the product line from Defense Soap is athlete centric, i.e., they have been specifically designed keeping wrestlers and athletes in focus. If you are an athlete with highest hygiene requirements, the list below will surely help.

1. Defense Soap Bar – Keeps skin clean, fresh and most importantly protected against pathogens. Another noteworthy fact – these bars are absolutely free from Triclosan petrochemical compounds and sodium Lauryl Sulfate, making them safe to use.

2. Defense Body Wipes – It is a clever alternative that lets you skip the necessity to shower. The light and compact packaging can be carried anywhere and used anywhere.  After an intense practice session a generous swab of these wipes will render your body clean and enrich it with essential oil.

3. Defense Shower Gel – A dime of Defense shower gel will gently cleanse your body leaving it free from bacteria, germs, parasites or any other skin irritant. This gel lasts longer making it cost effective. Besides the natural ingredients make it skin friendly and pose no negative effect on the skin.

4. Super Shield Laundry Treatment – It is the latest entrant into the diverse product line and is powered by Microbe-Barrier Technology™. This fabric sanitizer is highly effective to treat and sanitize apparels, towels etc. Athletes and wrestlers spend hours practicing and grappling in their uniforms. The sweat and continuous skin contact leaves them vulnerable. Wash such clothes with this premium laundry treatment to make them absolutely protected against MRSA, Staph, Ringworm, Impetigo and Herpes. A 32 oz bottle is capable of washing 480 loads and keeps apparels free from odor and stains as

5. Equipment Spray – The fundamental of any practice session for any athlete are the equipments. Whether you practice in a training academy or use gym for workout session equipments will definitely be in use. These equipments are used by people day after day making them perfect carriers of skin infection. But a wipe with Defense Equipment Spray will make them safe against bacteria, viruses and fungus. This spray is induced with natural ingredients and essential oils making your training session healthier

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